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PCB Assembly

FR4 4 layer Green Soldermask HASL 94V0 rohs pcb Assembly with LCD

  • Material: Fr4
  • Finished board thickness: 1.6mm
  • Finished copper thickness: 1oz
  • Finished surface: HASL-LF
  • Green SolderMask,White Silkscreen
  • 4 Layers
Low Volume PCB Assembly
We need following files for PCB assembly orders:
BOM (Bill of Material) in Microsoft Excel format. For any component not to be placed, please mark “NP” (Not Plated). The BOM should include at least (1) Reference designators such as U1, R3; (2) Quantities; (3) Manufacture part numbers; (4) Foot prints (package shapes; (5) Values.
Gerber files
For SMT Assembly process; Pick & Place file if automated machine placement is required. We may help generate the P&P file for you from your Gerber files but the P&P file generated from your CAD is the most preferred.
Silkscreen file with markings on polarity and pin-1 positions.
SMD (surface mount device) is for SMT assembly process & through-hole device assembly.
SMT passive parts smaller as 01 005 package size for our SMT Assembly process.
BGA and micro BGA assembly (minimum BGA SMT assembly, pitch 0.3 mm)
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